Ten Christmas movies you should watch every year

Every critic with a web, print or radio outlet gives a top ten Christmas film list at some point or another. So I’m doing my duty and taking my turn at the Top Ten Traditionally Watched Christmas Movies. To be clear, these must be films where Christmas is the central theme or setting and one that every year people feel compelled to watch. Almost everyone I know has at least one of these films that they must sit down with their loved ones and watch every time Christmas comes around. To make it easier, I cut out all the half hour children’s television shows including: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, A Charlie Brown Christmas and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I know, I know. I love them too but this list would quickly become a bore if I included them. So what did I leave off?

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10.THE HOLIDAY – Despite Cameron Diaz doing her best to ruin this film, I get completely caught up in the charming, humorous romances. Whether it be between the dreadful Diaz and charming Jude Law or the adorable Kate Winslet and surprisingly lovable Jack Black, I just can’t seem to get enough of all the gooey goofy goodness of everything. Did I mention Cameron Diaz is terrible?

Hugh Grant in Love Actually

9. LOVE ACTUALLY – For every unlikable story line (Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln stalking his best friend’s wife, Keira Knightley) there is a handful of adorably charming ones (Hugh Grant as a Prime Minister falling for one of his aids or Liam Neeson as a recently widowed father helping his son deal with a school crush) to take its place. The large ensemble more than commits to the ridiculousness and has me feeling Christmas in my fingers and my toes.

8. WHITE CHRISTMAS – Here’s a little secret, I don’t particularly love this film. Sure I like the music but that just means I like Christmas music. And I really like Christmas Music – I wish there was a station dedicated to the genre all year round. So why do I need to watch a boring film of everyone singing these songs when I can just listen to the radio? Anyway, I have very close family and friends who must watch this every year so I am obligated to put the classic on the list. And who doesn’t love Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye?

Bill Murray in Scrooged

7. SCROOGED – I purposely did not put the traditional version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL on the list because while it may be good, I don’t know anyone who sits through that yawnfest drama every year. Bill Murray‘s dark comedic rendition of the classic tale on the otherhand, has me saying anything but bah humbug.

Will Ferrell in Elf

6. ELF – One of the more recent Christmas movies to capture the hearts of audiences. Will Ferrell‘s innocent Buddy raised by elves has an unwavering passion that is contagious. I am happy to not sit on a throne of lies when I agree with Buddy’s comment, “smiling is my favorite.”

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