The top ten most anticipated summer movies of 2015

The summer is upon us once more… and that means it’s time for the big summer movies that warrant splurging on over-sized soda, buttery popcorn and giant theater screens!  2015 looks to be a doozy of a summer with plenty of exciting, big films where records will surely be broken.  Sequels and remakes are more abundant than ever but unlike previous years, many (not all) of these are actually worthy sequels to be made.  FURIOUS 7 wisely and successfully jumped the gun a month early to beat the rush, so my list of Top Ten Most Anticipated Summer Movies For 2015 has an official opening date parameter of May through August. I’m excited to get this summer started and it hits big right out of the gate.

Honorable Mention – THE GIFT (July 31) – If you don’t know who Joel Edgerton is, you should.  I’ve been singing Joel Edgerton’s praise since his very brief supporting appearance in ANIMAL KINGDOM.  The guy is amazing in every film he’s associated with, most notably 2011’s WARRIOR.  Well my current favorite actor is getting behind the camera, directing himself, Jason Bateman, and Rebecca Hall in what looks to be a mysterious thriller.  I’m not saying THE GIFT is going to be a great film, in fact, it could be terrible and that’s why it technically isn’t on the list, but as Joel Edgerton’s biggest cheerleader, I’ve got to check it out.

Kristen Wiig, Zach Galifianakis in Masterminds

10. MASTERMINDS (August 7) – Kristen Wiig, Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, and Jason Sudeikis all star in my number 10 pick, a bank heist comedy from Jared Hess, the guy that gave us the brilliant NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and the oddly humorous NACHO LIBRE.  I realize this will probably not appeal to everyone’s sensibility, but with the quirky director and cast, I have a feeling it could strike my tickle bone.

9. THE END OF THE TOUR (July 31) – THE SPECTACULAR NOW and SMASHED were both smaller films that are definitely worth seeing and made a splash in their respective release years.  Well the writer/director, James Ponsoldt, returns with his compelling story telling about an acclaimed novelist allowing a magazine writer to accompany him on his tour.  Starring Jason Segel, Jesse Eisenberg, and Anna Chlumsky, early buzz says this it is an incredibly engaging gem of a film, that’s definitely worth checking out.

Jurassic World

8. JURASSIC WORLD (June 12) – Giant dinosaurs running amuck eating tourists in an amusement park is all you need to say.  JURASSIC PARK still holds up as an entertaining ground-breaking achievement.  The sequels were not as great and I have a feeling the newest one will probably follow that line of ridiculousness. Do I spy trained raptors in the trailer? But it still looks to be a blast at the theater and with the unstoppable, super likable Chris Pratt in the lead, it’s destined for at least a few memorable moments.

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