The top ten movies to look forward to in 2015

I think 2014 was such a lackluster year for movies because studios were saving everything for 2015. At least, we know that’s what Disney was doing. But almost any of the films in this top ten list, and even some of the honorable mentions, could be #1 any other year. There’s a lot to choose from, whether you’re a fan of science fiction, comic book movies, animation or good ole dramas. But here are our top 10 films to look forward to in 2015:

10. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 – With the Mission Impossible franchise, you can’t look at the previous films as a sign of what’s to come because they’re each so drastically different than their predecessor. But with Tom Cruise and company returning and Christopher McQuarrie directing, maybe you can look at the other teaming of Cruise and McQuarrie, JACK REACHER. McQuarrie also wrote VALKYRIE and EDGE OF TOMORROW, so they seem to make good movies together. I’m concerned about the December release date and I’m afraid it might get lost in the Star Wars madness, but I’m expecting a good time.

Inside Out

9. INSIDE OUT – It has been a few years since Pixar wowed me, but the basic premise of peeking inside the mind of a kid has me hooked. I like that the story came from Pete Docter, since he was responsible for all of my favorite Pixar films, such as WALL-E, UP and TOY STORY 2. The first trailers look good and it looks like this will be another great addition to the Pixar library.

Knight of Cups

8. KNIGHT OF CUPS – Terrence Malick’s films always make my most anticipated lists and after the first trailer for KNIGHT OF CUPS, including it here is a no brainer. TREE OF LIFE was incredible and TO THE WONDER lost me, but KNIGHT OF CUPS looks like another winner for the eccentric director.

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