Toy Story 3 breaks records while Jonah Hex flops at the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We all knew TOY STORY 3 would be successful, just like every Pixar film is successful, but even I was surprised at it taking in $109 million on its opening weekend.  On Friday alone, it took in $41 million, making it the single biggest opening for an animated film.  But the biggest news is just how poorly JONAH HEX opened as the comic book adaptation managed a meager $5.1 million.  It’s true that Warner Brothers kind of wrote this film off a while ago, but releasing it in the middle of the summer was their biggest mistake.  I think it would have done much better in September or February when it doesn’t have any competition and people want a fun comic book movie.  But the film has been trashed by fans and critics alike, so maybe it earned what it deserved.

Next week is another busy weekend as Tom Cruise comes back in the fun looking KNIGHT AND DAY and Adam Sandler reunites with his SNL friends for the embarrassing looking GROWN UPS.  My prediction is that TOY STORY 3 will continue its run, but KNIGHT AND DAY will debut strong.

Toy Story 3

1. Toy Story 3  $109 million

2. Karate Kid $29 million

3. The A-Team $13.8 million

4. Get Him To The Greek  $5.7 million

5. Shrek Forever After  $5.5 million

6. Jonah Hex  $5.1 million

7. Killers  $5 million

8. Prince of Persia  $5 million

9. Marmaduke  $2.7 million

10. Sex and the City 2  $2.5 million

Source: Box Office Mojo, Deadline

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