Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is heading off to college, leaving his parents and his mega hot girlfriend, Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox), behind. He finds a piece of the cube from the original in his pocket which transfers important location knowledge into Sam. Meanwhile, the Decepticons resurrect Megatron and are after Sam so they can obtain this knowledge and destroy the sun? Yes, I’m asking. I’m positive someone else out there could explain this better to me than the movie did. Anytime I discuss a plot point in this review pretend a question mark follows because I’m extremely unsure.

Transformers 2 1

TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN is a cluttered mess! Sure, the special effects and sound editing is top notch and quite amazing, but it’s all over the place and coming at you nonstop. So much so, that the viewer never has time to process and appreciate it. Director Michael Bay bombards the audience with sound and visuals so over stimulating that it’s hard not to tune out. Not to mention that it is nearly impossible to keep all the new Transformers straight. I know Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee are Autobots (good) and Megatron and Starscream are Decepticons (bad). As long as one of them is in a fight, I should be okay. The best scene is a fight between Optimus Prime and a few Decepticons in the woods; a far more peaceful, consistent backdrop that I was able to focus in on a cool action sequence. I don’t need a barrage of action coming at me at all times. Let’s keep our action singular. I know this is suppose to be mindless summer blockbuster fun, but the first one proved you can still be interesting while entertaining.

Transformers 2 2

TF2 has too many “what the…?” moments. If I were to go through each of them, my review would be just as over bloated as the film itself. Here are a few low lights. A human who is actually a Transformer comes and goes early on in the film and is never explained. An old Transformer seems to have human aging tendencies, even using a cane. The search for this matrix is crucial to revive Transformers but throughout the film, Transformers are being revived by other means. The military crew seems to be able to hold off the Decepticons with their bullets during the last battle for what seems like the entire film, however, up until that point, bullets had no impact on Transformers.

Transformers 2 3

On a positive note, I did laugh throughout the film. The jokes were juvenile and silly and I sort of shook my head in shame but nonetheless, I laughed. Shia LaBeouf in particular is very funny! Even among this absurdness he pulls it together and shows off charismatic goofiness and wit. However, three characters, who I believe were meant to be comic relief, weren’t able to make me even crack a smile. The first is Sam’s new conspiracy theorist roommate, Leo, who is there for no other reason but to be scared and scream like a girl. The second two are a pair of hipster Autobots named Skid and Mudflap who are offensive for one reason…they are not funny. Maybe I’m just the wrong age, but being that the movie is rated PG-13 I don’t think they can reach the right age.

Transformers 2 4

Fear not, behind all the explosions and carnage, at the core of the film we have an unlikely love story between two teenagers. Why is bad girl turn needy Mikaela pining over dweeby Sam? That’s one of the big “mysteries”, but essentially, they are having difficulty saying “I love you.” You’ll have to wait for the final conclusion to see if it actually happens!


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