Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke to take on The Bitch Posse

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Looks like Catherine Hardwicke, who has most recently directed TWILIGHT and RED RIDING HOOD, is going to venture back into the real world instead of one tinged with supernatural creatures and direct THE BITCH POSSE. The film will be an adaptation of the book by Martha O’Connor which follows three friends named Cherry, Amy and Rennie who meet in high school and form the Bitch Posse as they are each dealing with home troubles. The story alternates between their time in high school and their adult lives where one is in a loveless marriage, another is a slutty writer and the last is locked in a mental institution.  Catherine Hardwicke is also still attached to direct THE MAZE RUNNER but there is a chance THE BITCH POSSE could start filming first as THE MAZE RUNNER may still be in the screenwriting phase.

Sadly the only film of Catherine Hardwicke’s I’ve seen so far is TWILIGHT and it was the worst film in the saga (thus far). I’ve heard good things about THIRTEEN as well as LORDS OF DOGTOWN so maybe THE BITCH POSSE is her way of getting back into what she really wants to do.

Catherine Hardwicke

Source: Deadline

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