Twilight's Kristen Stewart will start shooting K-11 this summer with her mom

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Surely many people have been wondering what kind of role it would take for TWILIGHT star Kristen Stewart to remove herself from the world of Forks and sparkly vampires, well look no further because she already has just the project lined up. Kristen Stewart will be working on the prison drama K-11 with her mother, Jules Stewart, directing. The film follows two transgender prisoners who live on a block of cells (K-11) in Los Angeles reserved for homosexuals. Stewart will play Butterfly who is described as an autistic transgender who falls for another inmate named Mousey, who is a methhead transgender. Originally Nikki Reed, also from the TWILIGHT franchise, was set to play Mousey but she has since dropped out and we don’t know who will fill that void. Jason Mewes, who is best known for his role as Jay in the Kevin Smith films, was on board the film at some point but it’s unclear whether or not he will still participate. Shooting is supposed to start sometime this summer.

I have a feeling that this will put off a lot of KStew fans as it is such a drastically different character than Bella, but this is one of her passion projects and you gotta respect a girl for taking some risks. She’s the one in the TWILIGHT franchise who has any real longevity in the industry because she is willing to such different roles so props to her.

Kristen Stewart

Source: Variety

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