Twilight's Taylor Lautner is Stretch Armstrong

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I guess Taylor Lautner is determined to star in every action figure line he can get his hands on.  In December, it was announced that Taylor would be playing Max Steele in the upcoming film and now Universal has announced that he’ll also be playing Stretch Armstrong in a film set for a 2012 release.  Universal seems pretty proud of their accomplishment and is already touting that the film will be in 3D.

Now, what in the world are they going to do with Stretch Armstrong, other than have him reach towards the screen for a bunch of cheap 3D effects and then make jokes like “so does everything grow”?  To the best of my knowledge, Stretch Armstrong was just a regular doll made out of a stretchable rubber.  I’m not sure how that translates into film.  That, and I think everyone is jumping the gun on Taylor’s star power.  12 year-old girls are a finicky bunch and I don’t think they’ll follow him to an “action” film that doesn’t involve a love triangle of some sort.

Taylor Lautner is Stretch Armstrong

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