Twilight's Taylor Lautner to Star in Cancun

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Move over Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner may be the next big thing in Hollywood.  Summit Entertainment has picked up an action film entitled CANCUN that will star Taylor Lautner.  The movie will follow Lautner’s character as he travels to Cancun with a girl who ends up getting kidnapped and taken hostage by a drug-cartel and he must save her.  The film will take advantage of Mr. Lautner’s martial arts skills which were on display during his hosting stint on Saturday Night Live.  As previously reported here, Taylor Lautner’s next project will be playing the title character in Paramount’s MAX STEEL.

Like I said in my NEW MOON review, Mr. Lautner was the bright spot in an otherwise mediocre film.  I hope he can make it through these next few movies and establish a name for himself and move past the teen heartthrob image he has now.

Taylor Lautner

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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