Twilight's Xavier Samuel joins Sam Worthington in Drift

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

After giving a somewhat decent performance as the villain Riley in TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE, Xavier Samuel was primed and ready to cash in on the fame that seems to befall everyone that has had anything to do with the Twilight movies.  In fact, I heard Summit offered the caterer a lead actor role in a new romantic comedy next year.  But as far as Xavier is concerned, he’s signed on to join Sam Worthington in the surfer film DRIFT.  Samuel will play one of two brothers that battle a biker gang, crooked locals and waves as they try to start a business around their passion; surfing.  So it kind of sounds like a slightly more innocent version of POINT BREAK.  Worthington will curiously not play one of the brothers, but will instead play a photographer that chronicles their rise.  Myles Pollard will presumably star as the other brother.

Samuel is currently working on Roland Emmerich’s ANONYMOUS, while Worthington has done a tremendous job of piling on projects but not actually doing anything.  But he can next be seen in THE DEBT.  DRIFT is due to hit theaters in the summer of 2012.

Xavier Samuel

Source: Variety

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