Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox play a game of cat and mouse in the Alex Cross trailer

Tyler Perry in the Alex Cross trailer

A new trailer for the upcoming thriller ALEX CROSS has been released, and I think fans of the James Patterson series will probably be excited. Tyler Perry isn’t wearing a dress and wig and we get to see Matthew Fox on the big screen again. Though to be fair he looked so deranged and creepy it didn’t really do anything for this writer.

Directed by Rob Cohen, ALEX CROSS follows a bald serial killer (Matthew Fox) who is taking a lot of joy in messing with the head of detective Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) as he goes on a spree of torture and slaughter. ALEX CROSS looks average at best, but to be fair these types of films really aren’t my thing. Though I will admit to thoroughly enjoying KISS THE GIRLS back in the day. Morgan Freeman was such a great Alex Cross.

ALEX CROSS opens in theaters on October 19, 2012, check out the trailer below.

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