Unfinished Business Blu-ray Review

I’m not sure if UNFINISHED BUSINESS is a comedy that fails at being a drama or a drama that fails at being a comedy. But whatever it was supposed to be, I think the two sides cancel themselves out and we’re left with another average outing from Vince Vaughn. After more than 20 years in the business, Vince Vaughn has taken over from Adam Sandler the role of churning out consistently average comedies that are solely reliant on how much you like him. For me, I felt like this was yet another case of Vince Vaughn stumbling on a great idea, only to fail in the execution phase.

We start with Dan Trunkman (Vaughn), having a public argument with his boss Chuck, (Sienna Miller) over a decision she just made that will cut his commission. During the argument, he spontaneously decides he’s going to leave and start his own business in a scene taken right out of JERRY MAGUIRE. So much so that they should have at least acknowledged the similarities with a joke or two. But as he’s packing up his car, he runs into the older Tim (Wilkinson) and the young Mike (Franco) who he instantly hires to work at his new company. A year later, the trio are on the cusp of closing a huge deal, but when they arrive in town to shake hands, they find Chuck there to steal their thunder.

Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson in Unfinished Business

The humor comes in as the trio start their business trip. As someone that has been on several business trips, both in the leading and supporting roles, I’ve always felt like any given trip is ripe for comedy, so I applaud Vaughn for recognizing the situation as a potentially humorous one. But like THE INTERNSHIP, he consistently fails to deliver on the promise of the great idea and funny situation. There’s really only one “crazy” night out and they resorted to gay jokes and inappropriate penis humor to try and shock the audience. If it were sandwiched in between similarly vulgar or offensive humor, it could be forgiven, but as it was, it felt out of place. They missed an opportunity to put the trio in some funny situations as they’re trying to keep up with their clients and close the deal.

Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson in Unfinished Business

This is another film from Vaughn that felt like it was too scared to go hard “R”. Although the penis jokes and a few f-bombs justify the rating, the movie too often reverted back to a mild PG comedy. We don’t need vulgar language, violence or nudity to make a funny movie, but given the subject matter and the situations the characters were in, they could have taken it further than they did. They also completely misused the supporting characters. One was obsessed with divorcing his wife and that was really the only thing Tim contributed and the other was there just to be dumb.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS fits perfectly into all of Vince Vaughn’s “average” movies such as DELIVERY MAN, THE INTERNSHIP, THE DILEMMA, COUPLES RETREAT and so on. Vince Vaughn is playing Vince Vaughn again and we get enough mild laughs that we don’t hate the film, but overall it’s another case of a missed opportunity for Vaughn.


Video: UNFINISHED BUSINESS looks great on Blu-ray.

Audio: The audio was fine.

Deleted and Alternate Scenes (30:58): Whenever a comedy has this many deleted scenes, I get the feeling they struggled in the editing room. There was nothing here that would have saved the film, but some of these confirm my suspicions that they weren’t sure what kind of film they were making.

Show Me Your Business (5:52): Typical fluff piece trying to get you to see the film.

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