Unlock the final Inception snap tag today!

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Since I know that everyone who reads this site is a huge movie fan and will go out and purchase INCEPTION (read our INCEPTION Blu-ray review) immediately today after work, I wanted to make sure you all know that today fans will be able to unlock the final snap tag which will be on the Blu-ray box.  What is a snap tag, you ask? It’s this:

Inception snaptag

I’m sure you’ve seen this sometime in the past year as it has been a huge part of the INCEPTION advertising campaign.  When you snap a picture of this tag with your phone secret content is available for viewing.  Here’s a little more information from Warner Bros:

Starting November 15th, consumers can receive exclusive, never-before-seen “Inception” content on their camera enabled mobile devices via “Inception” Snap Tags that will be placed on various “Inception” advertising materials. Consumers only have to snap a photo of the Snap Tag with their camera phones and send the photo via MMS to 95871 (for AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel customers) or as an email to inception@snaptag.mobi to get a reward. Different rewards will be offered on a weekly basis until December 7th when the final reward offered will be tied to the Blu-ray Combo Pack.

So keep an eye out for the Inception Totem!

Pretty cool, huh? So everyone make sure to check this out because it’s your last chance!

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