Val Kilmer to star in Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt Now and Sunrise

Posted by: Nathan Swank

There are a couple of important things to note here. First, Francis Ford Coppola, famous director of THE GODFATHER movies and APOCALYPSE NOW, is back. The title is called TWIXT NOW AND SUNRISE based on a short story by Coppola that is said to be a thriller-horror film with possible faith themed overtones.

The second exciting news is Val Kilmer will play the lead character, a horror novelist. I mentioned in a recent review of WONDERLAND that Kilmer was amazing but the movie wasn’t good and that he’s needs a comeback picture. It looks like my wish is coming true. The whole pairing and concept sounds fantastic and is one we should all keep our eye on. Coppola has a pretty high batting average when it comes to making movies and the fact that he sought out Kilmer is very promising. Bruce Dern and Elle Fanning will also co-star.

val kilmer

Source: Deadline

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