Veronica Mars Movie Review

By now, you’re familiar with how the VERONICA MARS movie came to life; Warner Bros. wouldn’t finance the film, then show creator Rob Thomas went to Kickstarter to raise the funds, fans poured over $2 million into the project and “poof”, the movie was made.  TV land is littered with shows that were cancelled too soon and almost every show out there has a rabid fan base that would gladly pay money to see a full length movie made.  But while I’ll sit and wait patiently for ‘Deadwood’ or ‘Pushing Daisies’ to make it to the big screen, the Marshmallows got their wish and the result should satisfy anyone that enjoyed the series.

Veronica Mars

We open with Veronica (Kristen Bell) giving a quick summary of her high school life in Neptune, serving as a nice reminder of what happened in the three seasons ‘Veronica Mars’ was on the air.  Although to be clear, I don’t think anyone that hasn’t seen the show will appreciate the film.  We then pick up with her nine years later, interviewing for a job as a lawyer at a prestigious New York law firm.  After the interview, she catches a news story about the death of a famous singer, with all signs pointing to the singer’s boyfriend as the killer.  The boyfriend, of course, is Veronica’s ex, Logan Echolls.  Soon, he calls asking for help and Veronica is back in Neptune.

Veronica Mars

The best thing about a Veronica Mars movie is that we finally get some top quality and consistently good writing for Veronica Mars.  One of my frustrations with the show is that at times it felt like there was two hours of good footage spread out over a full season.  The movie isn’t burdened with filling out 22 episodes and the result is wittier dialogue, a more compact murder mystery and minimal social class angst.  In typical Veronica Mars fashion, the murder mystery is fun to try and guess and it’s great watching Veronica back in action as she puts the pieces together.  It’s not the most intense or complicated mystery, but it does its job of getting Veronica back to Neptune and giving her a reason to stay.  No mention of Veronica Mars would be complete without the love triangle and the Logan versus Piz debate appears to finally be solved.

Veronica Mars

Unlike most movies, director Rob Thomas had an obligation to the fans since many of them funded the film.  He didn’t disappoint them and virtually everyone from the show makes an appearance, including Leo, Wallace, Ruby, Gia, Dick, Vinnie and Weevil.  They had varying degrees of participation, but it was nice to see them make an appearance to let the audience get caught up with what they’ve been doing since the series ended.  And I won’t spoil them for you, but the cameos that popped up were also fun, along with all of the pop culture references.  The film had more style than the show, but everything that made the show great is in full force in the movie.

Veronica Mars

I’m not sure the film will change anyone’s mind about Veronica Mars, but it was as good as any Marshmallow could hope for.  The writing and directing was as good, if not better, than anything we saw in the series and Kristen Bell was born to play Veronica so of course she was great.  I liked where they took the characters and I enjoyed seeing them on the big screen.  So now the only question is; are the fans going to have to pay for a sequel?


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