Viggo Mortensen looks rugged in new photos from Everybody Has a Plan

With all the news about Peter Jackson’s upcoming film THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOUREY, it’s almost weird to not be reporting anything about Viggo Mortensen since most people (or maybe it’s just me) associate Viggo Mortensen with Middle Earth. However, Viggo Mortensen is still keeping busy even though he won’t be visiting The Shire this winter, as he has another film coming out entitled EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN. EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN follows Agustin (Viggo Mortensen) a man desperate for a change after living a dull life in Buenos Aires. When his identical twin brother Pedro dies, Agustin starts a new life assuming Pedro’s identity while returning to the place where he grew up, the Tigre Delta region. However, upon arriving he discovers the criminal underworld his brother was involved in.

Directed by Ana Piterbarg, EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN stars: Viggo Mortensen, Soledad Villamil, Daniel Fanego and Javier Godino. There’s no release date in the U.S. for EVERYBODY HAS A PLAN at this time. (Playlist)

Viggo Mortensen in Everybody Has A Plan 1

Viggo Mortensen in Everybody Has A Plan 2

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