Viggo Mortensen replaces Christoph Waltz in The Talking Cure with Keira Knightley

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

After winning the Oscar on Sunday night for Best Supporting Actor, it was only natural that Christoph Waltz would have so many job offers that he couldn’t possibly take them all.  In this case, David Cronenberg’s THE TALKING CURE is getting denied as Christoph will move forward with WATER FOR ELEPHANTS instead.  But all is not lost for Cronenberg and now he has the chance to reteam with his A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and EASTERN PROMISES star Viggo Mortensen.  You get the feeling that he wanted that all along?

The film is based on the play by Christopher Hampton and is about Sigmund Freud (Mortensen) and his tumultuous relationship with his pupil Jung (Michael Fassbender).  Keira Knightley plays Sabina, a young woman brought in to see Jung.  Filming begins in May.

Christoph Waltz

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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