Ving Rhames joining Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg in Mission Impossible 4

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I never really questioned whether or not Ving Rhames would return for MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4, but today we have official confirmation that the underused actor will, in fact, return for the fourth film.  He announced on ‘Lopez Tonight’ (side note: I have no idea what that is) that he’d be returning as Luther Stickell in the series of films that have nothing in common other than him and Tom Cruise.  We’re also still waiting for an official announcement that Simon Pegg will be returning, although it does seem likely.

So with Brad Bird directing and TC and Ving back on board, I guess all we need now is a lead female character.  There were mumblings that Paramount was going to be giving Ethan Hunt a protege, but that was back when Paramount was supposedly trying to squeeze Tom out of the franchise.  I’m guessing Tom Cruise‘s willingness to take a pay cut might have given him more say-so on the direction of the story.  Given they want to start filming in September, we should be hearing a lot about this through the end of August.

Ving Rhames and Tom Cruise

Source: Lopez Tonight

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