The Walking Dead Season 6 Blu-ray Review

My love-hate relationship with AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ continues into its sixth season.  Sure, we had a honeymoon phase for a couple of years where everything was pure bliss.  Then it started to feel like no one was putting the time into the relationship anymore and things got predictable, slow and frustrating and I started to lose interest.  For some reason, I’m still committed, but things just aren’t the same anymore.

The Walking Dead season 6

Season six finds our band of heroes still living peacefully in Alexandria, along with the incumbent residents that begrudgingly let Rick and his buddies in.  Even though things seem okay, the group starts to encounter random people that claim allegiance to a man named Negan.  Eventually, Rick decides that the only way he can protect the group is if he and his group take the battle straight to Negan.  Of course, that doesn’t exactly work out too well.

The Walking Dead season 6

The fifth season was the first season of The Walking Dead that I actually watched week to week as they aired.  As I mentioned in the review, that was a bad decision because it exposed a lot of the flaws of the show that are masked when you binge watch it.  So for the sixth season, I went back to binge watching and although there are just as many problems from episode to episode, the problems are glossed over as soon as you start the next episode.  However, there is one problem with season six that can’t be ignored and that’s the show’s lack of commitment to the characters they’ve developed over the years.  Carol is the source of most of the frustration as the show has done a commendable job of growing her over the years from a battered housewife to one of the strongest members of the group.  But for the sixth season, she regresses and starts questioning her strength, which leads to a lot of dumb decisions from the rest of the group.  The show’s best character, Daryl, suffers as well in the sixth season.  So how good a tracker is he?  In this season, he sure does get tricked a lot.

The Walking Dead season 6

But maybe the biggest frustration of the sixth season is that it’s really a 16 episode setup to ultimate big bad, Negan.  I haven’t read the comics, but even I know that Negan is the group’s biggest villain.  For about 12 episodes, the show does a good job of having Negan be this impending doom that the group has to face.  But when it comes time to actually bring Negan into the fold (the last episode), the show falls back on its tried and true crutch; have all the characters make stupid decisions so we can drive the plot forward.  It’s a frustrating tactic from the writers of the show and it seems like they have no idea how to introduce any new plots unless they have someone do something out of character and make a stupid decision.

The Walking Dead season 6

So even though I complain about it to my friends, I still come home to The Walking Dead every Sunday night.  It frustrates and annoys me pretty consistently, but I hold onto the good parts and keep hoping things are going to change.  But let’s be honest; I’ve been faithful this long, so at this point in the relationship, I’m not going to quit it.  Plus, I’m dying to see who Negan kills.


Video: Another season of The Walking Dead gets a great video transfer.  The shows look better here than they do on AMC.

Audio: The audio was fine.

Commentaries on seven episodes: Writers, producers, actors (sadly, no Andrew Lincoln) show up to provide commentaries on seven key episodes.  I’ve never really enjoyed the commentaries on The Walking Dead, mainly because I keep wanting them to address some of the laziness with their plot devices and they never do.  But these are okay, specifically the commentary to “Last Day on Earth”.

Deleted Scenes (8:39): Four episodes have a deleted scene a piece (along with an overall extended season finale).  There was nothing here that stood out.

Mini featurettes: Each show gets a two or three minute featurette that covers that episodes specifics.  This is a nice feature to include on a seasons set; the featurettes give you just enough info and are nice primer to the actual episode.

Featurettes: There are five additional featurettes included on the set that you would find in a standard making-of featurette.  Negan gets his own featurette and the cast rave about Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who of course only appears at the very end and even then, only for about five minutes.


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