Wall Street beats out Legend of the Guardians at the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

With the star power behind it and a familiar name to piggy back on, it’s no surprise that WALL STREET: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS took the top spot at the box office this weekend.  But only pulling in $19 million isn’t anything to brag about, but it is the best opening of Oliver Stone’s career.  I’ll be surprised if the film holds much of an audience over the next few weeks.  People don’t need or want a reminder of how horrible the economy is, especially since there are so many reminders slapping us in the face every day.  Zack Snyder’s 3D film about flying owls with whiny voices came in second place and Ben Affleck’s THE TOWN managed to hold a decent audience for third.

Next week sees the release of two anticipated movies; THE SOCIAL NETWORK and LET ME IN.  THE SOCIAL NETWORK is getting a lot of pre-Oscar buzz and the previews make it look pretty good.  As for LET ME IN, I can’t say I’m that excited about it, especially since the original LET THE RIGHT ONE IN was so great.  Note: The numbers below will be updated as the numbers are finalized.

Michael Douglas and Shia Labeouf in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

1. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps $19 million

2. Legend of the Guardians $16.3 million

3. The Town $16 million

4. Easy A $10.8 million

5. You Again $8.3 million

6. Devil $6.5 million

7. Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D $4.9 million

8. Alpha and Omega $4.7 million

9. Takers $1.6 million

10. Inception $1.2 million

Source: Deadline, Box Office Mojo

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