War Horse and The Rum Diary get new posters

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Is it bad that I’m more excited for THE RUM DIARY rather than WAR HORSE? It’s not anything against Steven Spielberg or the heartfelt story of a horse trekking throughout the first World War; it’s just that anything Hunter S. Thompson is automatically appealing. Thompson has a unique way of telling a story and the fact that you have to question the truth behind it is another adventure all together. Yes, Spielberg knows how to deliver a film. I have no doubt in my mind that WAR HORSE will make a lot of people cry, but due to the lack of marketing I’ve forgotten about it quite easily. Plus, there’s two Spielberg flicks coming out this year and my money is on THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN.

There’s a new poster for both films. This is actually the third poster for THE RUM DIARY and the very first for WAR HORSE. The posters for THE RUM DIARY have been quite good with the first still edging out all the rest in creativity. This one puts Johnny Depp in a tattered hotel room waking up to the delights of Puerto Rico. What happened there last night? The WAR HORSE poster features the two stars of the film– the horse and Jeremy Irvine. It’s got Spielberg written all over it especially with the endearing and hopeful tag line.

The Rum Diary poster

Source: IMP Awards

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