Warner Brothers and MGM begging Peter Jackson to direct The Hobbit

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

When Guillermo del Toro decided not to direct the two HOBBIT films, fanboys around the world fell into a deep depression that the their only worthy candidate to replace Peter Jackson was now out of the game.  But today we learn that both MGM and Warner Brothers are now pushing hard for Peter Jackson to go back to Middle Earth and direct the films.  After all, he did co-write the scripts and is still the producer.  Their search so far for a replacement to del Toro has been unsuccessful with no one of merit expressing any interest.

This is a legitimate, tough predicament that WB finds themselves in.  It’s not a guarantee that THE HOBBIT films will be successful since most of the beloved characters from the trilogy won’t be featured stars in the prequels.  That’s not an issue for fanboys, but it could be an issue for the general public.  So the pressing need to find a suitable director is very real for WB and therefore, they have to find someone proven and that gets the seal of approval from Peter Jackson.  PJ doesn’t seem too keen to pass that seal to anyone (rightfully so) and the project isn’t sparking any interest amongst other top tier directors, so PJ might be the only choice if he really wants to see these films made.  Personally, I’d rather they make another push at del Toro, but if he insists on not doing it, then PJ is the only other option.

Peter Jackson

Source: Deadline

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