Warner Brothers look to Steven Spielberg for Gods and Kings

Posted by: Zack Bruce

It’s pretty well known that Steven Spielberg is a hard guy to pin down if you want him to direct a feature for you. If it wasn’t for his relationship with J.J. Abrams, I don’t know if he would have jumped into producing on SUPER 8 if it wasn’t a homage to him. Spielberg does his own thing and there’s no problem with that.

But it looks like Warner Brothers wants him to do their Moses epic, GODS AND KINGS. The film follow the life of Moses from birth to death. In between, there is his awakening to the plight of the Hebrew slaves that led Moses’ struggle against the Pharaoh for their freedom out of Egypt; the Ten Plagues; the Burning Bush; the daring escape across the Red Sea; receiving the Ten Commandments, and delivery to Israel.

I think this would be a great project for Spielberg to helm. What about Aronofsky’s MOSES? I’m thinking this is the same project due to the fact that Warner Bros. is involved. Did Aronofsky not give them an answer in time or did he turn it down? Maybe they just thought that Spielberg would be a better choice. There are a lot of questions here and there’s also no indication on whether Spielberg will take it. They may not have even contacted him yet. Either way, it’s a pretty ambitious project for any director to take on.

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Source: Deadline

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