Watch the new teaser trailer for the TV show Awake, premiering March 1st

Jason Isaacs in Awake

I don’t always have much hope for new TV shows and traditionally, I wait a couple of years before I pick up the Blu-rays.  But one show I’m fascinated with is NBC’s ‘Awake’, which premiers March 1st.  The film is about a police detective that’s involved in a car accident that takes the life of one of his family members.  But the hook is that he finds himself living two parallel lives, one in which his wife survives and the other in which his son survives.  Watch the trailer below and try not to get goosebumps when the psychiatrist tells him “I assure you this is not a dream” and he responds “that’s exactly what the other shrink says”.  Good stuff.

The show stars Jason Isaacs, Laura Allen, Dylan Minnette and Daniela Bobadilla.  It was created by Kyle Killen, who also wrote the very underrated film, THE BEAVER.


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