We may get another John Hughes movie after all

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

When John Hughes passed away in August of 2009, many of us thought that we’d seen the last of the famous filmmaker’s work.  As it turns out, we may get several more John Hughes movies after all.  As the family is digging through his work, they’re finding several unpublished works, including books and screenplays.  One of the scripts making its way through Hollywood studios is ‘Grisbys Go Broke’ which revolves around a wealthy family that is forced to live poor when they lose everything.  It’s thought that Paramount would pick up the film since Hughes made most of his more popular films.  Hughes’ last script to see a feature film was 2008’s not-so-memorable DRILLBIT TAYLOR with Owen Wilson (under the pseudonym Edmond Dantes).

Hughes received a touching tribute at last night’s Oscar show, even if it was a little scary to see all of our 80’s kids grown up.  What happened to Judd Nelson?  The guy is 50 years old and he’s dressed like he’s 20.

John Hughes

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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