Weeds: The Final Season starring Mary-Louise Parker coming to Blu-ray in February

Lionsgate Films has announced that WEEDS: THE FINAL SEASON which airs on Showtime will be available on Blu-ray February 12th, 2013. WEEDS is from creator Jenji Kohan and stars: Mary-Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould, Kevin Nealon, Justin Kirk, Elizabeth Perkins, Allie Grant and Andy Milder.

WEEDS: THE FINAL SEASON picks up where season seven left off,  the Botwin’s are gathered having dinner with the final scene showing Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) through the scope of a hitman’s rifle. All of this is happening because Nancy get out of jail, moved to New York to start over and started selling weed again.

Weeds BD

WEEDS was actually one of those shows that I loved during the first couple of seasons, until it jumped the shark. The writer and creators did some wonders and brought the show back around this past season and now I’m anxious to see how the series ends. Any WEEDS fans out there who will miss this quirky show after eight years?

Special features include:

  • “WEEDS Season Eight: The Wrap Up!” featurette: Roundtable Discussion with Creator (Jenji Kohan) and Producers (Roberto Benabib, Matthew Salsberg)
  • “Clippin’ the Buds” featurette: With interviews by cast and experts this upbeat, humorous, and educational piece looks into the world of medical marijuana and the creation of the marijuana pill
  • “Everyday Advice from Guru Doug” featurette: Join us as Guru Doug (Nealon) gives his best advice to some of our most complicated life problems
  • Audio commentaries with Cast & Crew
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted Scenes

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