Weekend box office: Ant-Man is on top, but still disappoints

I don’t even like to use the word “disappoints” because technically, ANT-MAN (click the link to read our review) is where Marvel thought it would be at the weekend box office.  The studio had been predicting about a $65 million opening for weeks now and the film is on pace to finish around $60 million.  But in this day and age of Marvel movies routinely doing $100+ million, “only” getting $60 million seems low.  But remember that Ant-Man is not the kind of established brand that Thor, Iron Man and Captain America were when they debuted solo movies, so in that regard, $60 million is impressive.  And don’t forget that the first Captain America and Thor films only took in about $65 million.  When you couple that with the fact that audiences seem to love the film, I think we’ll be seeing plenty of Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while.  The other big movie of the weekend was the Amy Schumer led and Judd Apatow directed TRAINWRECK.  It managed to rake in more than $30 million, which is pretty great for a comedienne that mainstream America had not heard of.  I would imagine this will mean we’ll be seeing plenty of Amy Schumer everywhere for the next few years.

Next week is kind of an odd weekend as far as summer weekends go.  First we get the action-comedy Adam Sandler film PIXELS, which I think wants to appeal to the sense of nostalgia in adults, but I’m not sure it will succeed.  Then we get the Jake Gyllenhaal starring SOUTHPAW, which critics are saying features an incredible performance from Gyllenhaal, but not much else.  Finally, we get the teenage road-trip drama PAPER TOWNS.  It’s a tough weekend to predict, but given how much ANT-MAN underperformed, I’m guessing MINIONS will retake the top spot.  PIXELS will take some of its audience, but not enough to be #1.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Ant-Man $58m

2. Minions $50.2m

3. Trainwreck $30.2m

4. Inside Out $11.6m

5. Jurassic World $11.4m

6. Terminator: Genisys $5.4m

7. Magic Mike XXL $4.5m

8. The Gallows $4m

9. Ted 2 $2.7m

10. Mr. Holmes $2.5m


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