Weekend box office: Aquaman just keeps swimming

The top five at the weekend box office remained the same, just with a couple of swaps.  MARY POPPINS RETURNS leapfrogged BUMBLEBEE for the number two spot, but both films sit behind AQUAMAN, which is enjoying a nice box office run.  There were only two new contenders post-Christmas, the first being the political satire VICE, starring Christian Bale.  The film is looking at around $8 million and should be happy with that since it was never really competing for the top spot anyway.  If it’s going to find financial success, it has to do it with some gold statues.  Finally, there’s HOLMES AND WATSON and the most disturbing thing I heard about this film is that “all the funny parts are in the trailer”.  That’s disturbing because the trailers were all terrible.  So if that was the funny part, I can’t imagine how terrible the rest of the film was.

Next week is traditionally a wash for Hollywood and this is no different.  There’s nothing opening that will crack the top five and the only thing that might compete for the top ten is the low budget mystery film, ESCAPE ROOM. However, I don’t expect much movement in the top ten next week. Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Aquaman $51.6m

2. Mary Poppins Returns $31.9m

3. Bumblebee $20.5m

4. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse $19m

5. The Mule $12.3m

6. Vice $8.2m

7. Ralph Breaks the Internet $7.3m

8. Holmes and Watson $7.6m

9. Second Act $6.4m

10. The Grinch $4.9m


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