Weekend box office: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice drops like a rock in its second weekend

I don’t think there has ever been a movie to divide critics and fans as much as BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and its second showing at the weekend box office should be more fodder for the debate.  When its all said and done, it looks like BvS will drop about 70% from its opening weekend and finish around $50 million.  If you’re a WB executive, you might look at that as a positive since most box office pundits were expecting about an 80% drop off.  But no matter how you look at it, losing that much of an audience with zero competition is not a good sign.  And that serves as some proof to what most of us were saying; you put Batman and Superman in the same movie and people are going to come out and see it no matter what.  But if the movie is bad, people will stop seeing it after opening weekend.  Still, $50 million isn’t chump change, so at least the film is still making money.  The only competing new movie of the weekend was the sequel GOD’S NOT DEAD 2, which flirted with $10 million, but couldn’t quite crack that number and will finish about $1 million under what the original opened with.

Next weekend is another interesting weekend for BvS since we still don’t have strong competition.  The only movie that could dethrone BvS is Melissa McCarthy’s THE BOSS, which I’m guessing will open with about $30 million.  If BvS doesn’t beat that, then I’m sure fans will have yet another item to debate.  Other new movies next weekend include HARDCORE HENRY and DEMOLITION, but I don’t expect either of them to crack the top five.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $50.6m

2. Zootopia $20.7m

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $11.2m

4. God’s Not Dead 2 $8.3m

5. Miracles From Heaven $7.5m

6. Allegiant $5.7m

7. 10 Cloverfield Lane $4.7m

8. Meet the Blacks $4m

9. Eye in the Sky $3.9m

10. Deadpool $3.6m


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