Weekend box office: Black Panther stays on top

Hauling in more than $100 million on it’s second round at the weekend box office is yet another impressive accomplishment for Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER.  It didn’t really have any competition to speak of with the only challengers being the Jason Bateman comedy GAME NIGHT and the Natalie Portman sci-fi thriller ANNIHILATION.  GAME NIGHT looks like a fun time, but it was never going to smash box office records.  As for ANNIHILATION (click the link to read our review), it had a lot of promise but again, it wasn’t the kind of movie that was going to put people in the theater.  Given the cool reception, I think they would have been better off releasing it straight to Netflix.  As more of these risky movies struggle to find an audience, I imagine Netflix is going to get a lot more A-list directors and actors taking advantage of their platform.

Next week should be an interesting weekend as BLACK PANTHER will encounter some real competition from a couple of movies.  First up is Jennifer Lawrence in RED SPARROW, which has gotten good reviews but I question whether or not J-Law’s star power is still strong enough to take on BLACK PANTHER.  Speaking of questionable star power, we also get Bruce Willis in DEATH WISH.  The trailers actually make this look pretty decent, but it has been a long time since Bruce Willis has carried a movie to box office success.  He’s still Bruce Willis, but a decade of doing straight to video movies has severely diminished his star power.  My guess is that BLACK PANTHER will hold at least 50% of its audience, which should be more than enough to take out RED SPARROW.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as the become final.

1. Black Panther $101.5m

2. Game Night $16.3m

3. Peter Rabbit $11.3m

4. Annihilation $10m

5. Fifty Shades Freed $6.9m

6. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle $5.6m

7. The 15:17 To Paris $3.7m

8. The Greatest Showman $3.6m

9. Every Day $2.7m

10. Early Man $6.5m


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