Weekend box office: Boss Baby battles Beast while Ghost in the Shell struggles

There are two big narratives at the weekend box office that will be discussed as the week goes on, neither of which should be much of a surprise.  The first is the $50+ million THE BOSS BABY took in, making it the number one movie of the weekend.  Some people may be confused by that number because the trailers looked terrible.  However, keep in mind that we haven’t had a decent animated kids movie since THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE opened almost two months ago.  Then keep in mind that this was Spring Break weekend for a lot of kids.  The other topic this weekend is the underperformance of Scarlett Johansson’s live action GHOST IN THE SHELL adaptation.  But I would argue that shouldn’t be a surprise either since fans of the original Anime were upset at her casting and non-fans couldn’t care less about the film.  That, coupled with the average trailers and poor early reviews made that film’s success an uphill battle.

Next week sees the release of another Smurfs film, SMURFS: THE LOST VILLAGE.  To put in perspective of how little marketing this film has gotten, I didn’t learn until recently that this wasn’t connected to the first two live action films.  I’m not convinced the Smurfs are relevant anymore and the second live action film only opened with $17 million and that’s about where I’d expect this version to open.  We also get GOING IN STYLE with Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.  It looks like a moderately enjoyable film, but I can’t imagine it making much of an impact at the box office.  I expect the top three films to stay in the same order, with THE BOSS BABY and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST vying for the top spot again.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. The Boss Baby $49m

2. Beauty and the Beast $47.6m

3. Ghost in the shell $19m

4. Saban’s Power Rangers $13.6m

5. Kong: Skull Island $9.1m

6. Logan $6.7m

7. Get Out $6.2m

8. Life $5.5m

9. CHIPS $4m

10. Zookeeper’s Wife $3.1m


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