Weekend box office: Burnt and Our Brand in Crisis struggle

It was a rough time a the weekend box office for some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  Bradley Cooper’s latest film, BURNT crashed and burned and barely managed to crack the top five and couldn’t even scrape up $6 million.  Couple this with ALOHA (not his fault, but still) and he’s having a very bad year.  But at least he fared better than Sandra Bullock, whose latest film, OUR BRAND IN CRISIS couldn’t crack the top five and is looking at opening around $3 million.  Ouch.  The film has been universally panned and this is one she’ll likely want to forget.  But at least they managed to crack the top ten.  The other new movie of the weekend, THE SCOUT’S GUIDE TO THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE couldn’t even do that.  The failure of the new movies paved the way for THE MARTIAN to grab the top spot yet again.

Next week belongs to Bond, James Bond.  Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes return for another go with the suave spy in SPECTRE, which will have a tall task of besting SKYFALL, but early reviews have been pretty positive and that should at least translate into box office success, even if the film probably won’t get any awards attention like its predecessor.  If you have kids that are too young for SPECTRE, THE PEANUTS MOVIE is also opening.  I’ll be interested in seeing how it does since I don’t see kids today interested in The Peanuts.  I think the generation that remembers Snoopy and the gang is now more interested in James Bond.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. The Martian $10.7m

2. Goosebumps $8.8m

3. Bridge of Spies $7.6m

4. Burnt $5.2m

5. Hotel Transylvania 2 $5.1m

6. The Last Witch Hunter $3.8m

7. Our Brand is Crisis $3.2m

8. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension $3m

9. Crimson Peak $2.8m

10. Steve Jobs $2.6m


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