Weekend box office: Captain Marvel silences the haters

The tracking for CAPTAIN MARVEL was all over the place and the only thing anyone knew for sure was that no one really knew how well CAPTAIN MARVEL (click the link to read our review) would perform at the weekend box office.  It turns out the film is performing insanely well.  Personally, I was expecting the film to perform closer to Ant-Man dollar levels and come in under $100 million, but the film is actually closer to Iron Man sequel numbers and should finish around $160 million.  So all the drama surrounding the film, including the ridiculous trolls and some negative critic reviews, didn’t hurt the film at all.  I’m still not convinced Brie Larson is the right face of the Avengers going forward (nor am I convinced she even wants to be), but the executives at Disney have to be pretty happy with what they have right now.  This is a good sign leading into ENDGAME, which was already expected to break every record out there.

Next week doesn’t really matter because nothing is going to beat CAPTAIN MARVEL any time soon.  The “biggest” new movie opening is the animated WONDER PARK, but with a couple of bigger animated movies still hanging around the top five, I don’t see WONDER PARK having much success.  But keep an eye on the low budget romance film FIVE FEET APART.  It won’t break any records, but early buzz is good and it feels like the kind of movie that could hang around the top ten for a while.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Captain Marvel $160m

2. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World $15.2m

3. Madea Family Funeral $11.3m

4. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part $3.8m

5. Alita: Battle Angel $3.2m

6. Green Book $2.6m

7. Isn’t It Romantic $2.3m

8. Fighting With My Family $2.1m

9. Greta $2m

10. What Men Want $1m


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