Weekend box office: I, Frankenstein can't compete with Ride Along

Weekend box office I Frankenstein

Predictably, I, FRANKENSTEIN struggled at the weekend box office and as it looks now, the film may not even crack the top five.  That’s not a shock since the movie has been a bit of a punchline since the first trailer debuted several months ago.  And the film wasn’t screened for critics, which is usually a sure sign that a film should be avoided.  Aaron Eckhart definitely deserves better.  On the good news side of the house, RIDE ALONG continues to impress, hauling in another $20 million this week to secure the top spot.  In fact, there was no change in the top three as LONE SURVIVOR and THE NUT JOB held on to the second and third spots respectively.  Perhaps the biggest shock for me is to look at the top ten and still see FROZEN with almost $10 million.  It came out two months ago, so the fact that it’s still doing so well is shocking to me.  Disney is going to make a fortune when the film hits Blu-ray in March.

Next week looks to be another slow box office weekend as well, with only LABOR DAY and THAT AWKWARD MOMENT hitting theaters.  LABOR DAY was supposed to be an Oscar frontrunner when it was first announced, but that was many months and many bad reviews ago.  The late January release date shows the studio has no confidence in their film.  As for THAT AWKWARD MOMENT, I don’t think Zac Efron has enough loyal fans to make the film a success.  Although after FRUITVALE STATION, I’m anxious to see Michael B. Jordan in another role.  My guess is that the top three movies won’t change next weekend either.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Ride Along $21.1m

2. Lone Survivor $12.6m

3. The Nut Job $12.3m

4. Frozen $9m

5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $8.8m

6. I, Frankenstein $8.3m

7. American Hustle $7.1m

8. August Osage County $5.1m

9. The Wolf of Wall Street $5m

10. Devil’s Due $2.7m


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