Weekend box office: Furious 7 makes it two in a row

Sometimes the easiest way to win the weekend box office is to have perfect timing.  And while FURIOUS 7 was going to be huge no matter when it was released, the fact it chose an early April opening is clearly helping the film’s tally.  After a huge opening last week, FURIOUS 7 continued its run with another $60+ million in its second weekend.  To put it in perspective, the only new movie this weekend was THE LONGEST RIDE, which couldn’t crack $15 million.  All in all, FURIOUS 7 is looking really good and with that sophomore number, it’s only behind AMERICAN SNIPER’s $64.6 million second weekend, but should beat ALICE IN WONDERLAND’s $62.7 million.  I think it’s safe to say; FURIOUS 7 is a rousing success.  And we can’t dismiss the success of THE LONGEST RIDE.  It’s yet another Nicholas Sparks adaptation that has found an audience, this time with the unproven Scott Eastwood in the lead.  Dad should be proud.

Next week is another lackluster week as far as new releases go.  The only notable movie is PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2.  And I think when a sequel to a terrible Kevin James movie is considered “notable”, then you know it’s going to be a slow weekend.  We also have some smaller releases, including UNFRIENDED and the Tom Hardy starring thriller CHILD 44.  I have to assume CHILD 44 is disappointing since it hasn’t received any advertising or early buzz, despite having a pretty decent cast.  So obviously, FURIOUS 7 should make it three weekends in a row and really doesn’t have any competition until AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Furious 7 $60.6m

2. Home $19m

3. The Longest Ride $13.5m

4. Get Hard $8.6m

5. Cinderella $7.2m

6. The Divergent Series: Insurgent $6.8m

7. Woman in Gold $5.8m

8. It Follows $2m

9. Danny Collins $1.6m

10. Kingsman: The Secret Service $1.2m


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