Weekend box office: Goosebumps beats Bridge of Spies and Crimson Peak

THE MARTIAN finally lost its grip on the weekend box office, thanks to the performance of GOOSEBUMPS.  The Jack Black film narrowly beat out last week’s number one film as well as newcomers BRIDGE OF SPIES and CRIMSON PEAK.  I don’t know much about GOOSEBUMPS, but the few kids I do know were really excited about it, so GOOSEBUMPS performed about as expected for a horror comedy aimed at pre-teens.  But I would have thought CRIMSON PEAK would have done better.  Every second rate horror film does well this time of year, so something by Guillermo del Toro should have taken the top spot.  Steve Spielberg’s BRIDGE OF SPIES did okay, but Spielberg and Hank have set a high standard and I’m not sure Spies lived up to it.

Next week sees the wide release of STEVE JOBS, which has been cleaning up in a limited release and should do just as well when it hits wide.  Then we have Vin Diesel’s THE LAST WITCH HUNTER, which looks terrible but I hope for the best for Vin.  Then there’s JEN AND THE HOLOGRAMS, which should appeal to the select few that remember the cartoon.  We also get PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION, which is an interesting study because I would have thought it would compete for the top spot but it turns out a lot of theaters are snubbing the film because of Paramount’s early VOD release.  Theater owners are like your grumpy old grandpa that doesn’t like computers; the world is passing them by while they standby and complain.  But because of that, I don’t see anything beating STEVE JOBS.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Goosebumps $24.5m

2. The Martian $22.5m

3. Bridge of Spies $15.9m

4. Crimson Peak $13m

5. Hotel Transylvania 2 $12.8m

6. Pan $6m

7. The Intern $5.5m

8. Woodlawn $4.6m

9. Sicario $4.4m

10. Maze Runner: Scorch Trials $2.8m


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