Weekend box office: Insidious Chapter 2 has the highest horror opening of the year

Weekend Box Office Insidious Chapter 2

If you’re a producer or a director just getting into the movie making business, one of the best ways to make a fortune and to have a long lasting career is to make an original, scary horror movie that audiences will respect.  Then, after the first film does well and gains a strong following on home video, make a ton of bad, cheap sequels to capitalize on your initial success and sit back and laugh while audiences continue to pour money into the franchise.  It worked for the makers of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and it might just end up working for the makers of INSIDIOUS.  The follow-up, INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2, had a surprisingly strong opening at the weekend box office, raking in more than $40 million.  That’s quite a haul for a September release.  The other new movie of the weekend didn’t fare quite as well and THE FAMILY is flirting with about $15 million.  Given Robert De Niro’s struggles at the box office, $15 million isn’t that bad, all things considered.  Meanwhile, the Spanish film INSTRUCTIONS NOT INCLUDED continues to pull in strong numbers and the great showing might get it some award season buzz.

Next week sees the release of the Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal starring PRISONERS, which has gotten some great reviews at its festival premiers.  But the subject matter might prevent it from dominating the weekend box office.  We also have the dance movie BATTLE OF THE YEAR, which might be the next STEP UP franchise or it might come and go without anyone noticing.  The most surprising thing to me about the trailer for that film is seeing ‘Lost’ veteran Josh Holloway in it.  Chances are good INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2 will make it two weeks in a row.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Insidious Chapter 2 $43m

2. The Family $15.5m

3. Riddick $7.3m

4. Instructions Not Included $6.8m

5. We’re The Millers $5.7m

6. Lee Daniels’ The Butler $5.7m

7. Planes $3.3m

8. One Direction: This Is Us $2.8m

9. Elysium $2.2m

10. Blue Jasmine $1.6m


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