Weekend box office: Keanu and Mother’s Day can’t beat The Jungle Book

I imagine that New Line Cinema is a little disappointed with their film KEANU.  It had everything you’d expect from an overperforming comedy; two up and coming comedians, a funny concept and zero competition at the weekend box office.  But something didn’t click with audiences and KEANU couldn’t crack $10 million.  The terrible trailers didn’t do it any favors, but I still expected it to do better.  The other new films of the weekend actually fared worse, starting with MOTHER’S DAY.  Garry Marshall has turned himself into a joke with his third movie named after a holiday.  And critical reaction to MOTHER’S DAY was not kind, to say the least.  Let the jokes begin about what’s next on his holiday slate.  Finally, there was RATCHET & CLANK, which I had forgotten was even a thing.  I think I played the video game about 15 years ago.  But it also couldn’t find an audience and stumbled with less than $6 million.

The only movie that can dethrone a Disney movie is another Disney movie.  And next week belongs to CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR.  The only question is; will it break any all time records?  I’m not sure about all time records, but I do predict Civil War will be the biggest movie of the year and what I think will set it apart from other superhero films is that it will keep serious traction at the box office through good reviews and even better word of mouth.  Nothing else is opening against it (smart move), and nothing at the box office right now should take away its audience, so it has no excuse not to clean up.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. The Jungle Book $38.8m

2. Keanu $9m

3. The Huntsman: Winter’s War $8.9m

4. Mother’s Day $8m

5. Ratchet & Clank $5.8m

6. Barbershop: The Next Cut $5.3m

7. Zootopia $4.9m

8. The Boss $3.9m

9. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $3.5m

10. Criminal $1.3m


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