Weekend box office: Kong Skull Island beats Logan

There’s nothing confusing about the results at the weekend box office or how any of the films performed.  As I predicted last week, KONG: SKULL ISLAND lost a lot of its audience to last week’s number one film, LOGAN.  But to put everything in perspective, I think everyone should be more than happy with a $50+ million opening for KONG: SKULL ISLAND since the buzz on the film was less than stellar.  I recently revisited Peter Jackson’s KING KONG and I was again reminded how bad a film it is, so today’s audiences don’t have a positive experience with the giant ape to inspire them to give it another chance.  Like with the classic monsters, I’m just not sure King Kong has a place in today’s theaters anymore.  But that’s not going to stop studios from trying to make them work.  Anyway, the film finished in the top spot and did well enough to set up that Godzilla vs King Kong movie Warner Bros. is trying to get going.

Next week should belong to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.  It feels like the only thing anyone can say about a live action telling of this fairy tale is that it features an openly gay character, but everything we’ve seen so far makes the film look fun.  Gay character and all, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will do fine and should sit atop the weekend box office for a couple of weeks.  T2 TRAINSPOTTING also opens up next week, but I’m guessing that will do better on home video than in theaters.  Note: the numbers below will be updates as they become final.

1. Kong: Skull Island $52.5m

2. Logan $36.7m

3. Get Out $21m

4. The Shack $9.5m

5. The LEGO Batman Movie $7.6m

6. Before I Fall $3m

7. Hidden Figures $2.8m

8. John Wick: Chapter 2 $2.7m

9. La La Land $1.9m

10. Fifty Shades Darker $1.7m


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