Weekend box office: Lee Daniels' The Butler and Kick-Ass 2 battle for the top spot

Weekend box office Lee Daniels The Butler

After the controversy surrounding the title of the film, some people forgot that LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER might actually be a quality film.  It turns out that it’s more than just a weird title, it actually opened pretty well and is flirting with $30 million at the weekend box office.  Meanwhile, the ultra-violent KICK-ASS 2 didn’t fare so well, but keep in mind that the original only opened with around $20 million, so $15 million for the sequel isn’t a total surprise.  The Kick-Ass films are the type of movies that do better on Blu-ray than they do in theaters.  Unfortunately, the news wasn’t so good for the other two movies of the weekend.  Ashton Kutcher’s JOBS stumbled a little bit, but given Kutcher’s lack of credibility as an actor, it’s not surprising.  PARANOIA’s disappointing opening wasn’t much of a surprise either since the studio kind of forgot about the film and dumped it in a late August opening with little fanfare.  Critics weren’t kind to it, which of course didn’t help.

Next week sees the release of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES, which I don’t have a lot of hope for.  The YA titles are played out and this one doesn’t look like it offers anything new.  But we also get THE WORLD’S END, which I have high hopes for since Simon Pegg and Nick Frost can do no wrong.  SHAUN OF THE DEAD was brilliant and I expect more of the same from THE WORLD’S END.  But don’t completely rule out the horror film YOU’RE NEXT since horror movies have a way of surprising people at the weekend box office.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Lee Daniels’ The Butler $25m

2. We’re The Millers $17.7m

3.  Elysium $13.6m

4. Kick-Ass 2 $13.5m

5. Planes $13.1m

6. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $8.3m

7. Jobs $6.7m

8. 2 Guns $5.5m

9. The Smurfs 2 $4.6m

10. The Wolverine $4.4m


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