Weekend box office: McCarthy’s Spy easily beats the boys from Entourage

In the weeks leading up to the release of ENTOURAGE, I was very concerned.  I was concerned because news was starting to come out that it had strong pre-sales and then on Wednesday, the film made about $5 million, which is incredible for a movie like that.  So I got more scared that this movie about doucebags being douchey was going to somehow be a huge success and I knew it wasn’t going to take much for Warner Bros. to greenlight a sequel.  But now that everything has calmed down and the ENTOURAGE fans have already seen it, reality has set in and it looks like the film will barely crack $10 million at the weekend box office.  What’s even better news is that’s not even half of what INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 3 managed to take in.  I don’t know if that’s enough for a sequel, but hopefully it means we won’t be inundated with marketing material featuring these guys ever again.  While ENTOURAGE is a movie about extremely unlikeable people, featuring mediocre c-level actors, A-list comedienne Melissa McCarthy lead the movie on the opposite end of the likeable spectrum, SPY (click the link to read our review).  Her new movie managed to come close to a $30 million opening, which isn’t bad for a comedy this time of year.

Next week will belong to JURASSIC WORLD.  The fourth film in the franchise is looking at a cool $100 million opening and while most studio execs attribute that to the cool dinosaurs, I put all of that on Chris Pratt.  GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY may have thrust him into the spotlight, but JURASSIC WORLD will cement his place among the Hollywood elite.  We also have a wider release of the indie favorite ME EARL AND THE DYING GIRL.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Spy $30m

2. San Andreas $26.4m

3. Insidious Chapter 3 $23m

4. Entourage $10.4m

5. Mad Max: Fury Road $7.9m

6. Pitch Perfect 2 $7.7m

7. Tomorrowland $7m

8. Avengers: Age of Ultron $6.2m

9. Aloha $3.3m

10. Poltergeist $2.8m


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