Weekend box office: Monsters University and World War Z dominate

Weekend box office, Monsters University

After all the drama and controversy surrounding WORLD WAR Z, the Brad Pitt vs. the zombie apocalypse film finally debuted this weekend.  And it turns out the drama was much ado about nothing as the film managed to take in over $60 million at the weekend box office.  Granted, the film cost $200 million to make, but keep in mind it’s tough for an original film to crack $50 million on its opening weekend, so the execs at Paramount should be pleased.  As well as WORLD WAR Z did, it wasn’t good enough for first place.  That honor belongs to MONSTERS UNIVERSITY (click the link to read our review), which will be looking at somewhere close to an $80 million opening weekend.  That would put it right behind TOY STORY 3 as the second biggest Pixar opening ever.  Reviews have been great, so I would expect MONSTERS UNIVERSITY to hang around for a while.

Next week should be another interesting round at the weekend box office.  We have the Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy comedy THE HEAT squaring off against Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in WHITE HOUSE DOWN.  That’s a tough one to predict but since we don’t really have any movies in theaters targeting women, I’m inclined to give the edge to THE HEAT.  But America loves Channing Tatum and WHITE HOUSE DOWN does look fun, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see either one in the top spot.  And lets not rule out a repeat performance from MONSTERS UNIVERSITY.  Kids gotta go to the movies too.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Monsters University $82m

2. World War Z $66m

3. Man of Steel $41.2m

4. This Is The End $13m

5. Now You See Me $7.8m

6. Fast and Furious 6 $4.7m

7. The Internship $3.4m

8. The Purge $3.4m

9. Star Trek Into Darkness $3m

10. Iron Man 3 $2.1m


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