Weekend box office: Ocean’s 8 knocks off Solo

OCEAN’S 8 may not have been the clever spin on the OCEAN’S world we were hoping for, but the film was set up for success with the great cast alone.  The fact it was a bit of a letdown is irrelevant because its $42 million opening is enough to be the biggest of the series and more than enough to merit a sequel.  OCEAN’S 8 (click the link to read our review) had some company this weekend in the form of the horror film HEREDITARY, which did okay with a $13 million opening, but maybe underperformed considering how well reviewed the film is.  Finally, there’s HOTEL ARTEMIS, which looks like a really fun movie, but wasn’t able to find an audience in theaters.  That’s to be expected since it looks like the kind of movie that will do much better on home video.

Next week will belong to THE INCREDIBLES 2.  Of all the Pixar films, THE INCREDIBLES was always the one I felt people most wanted a sequel to.  I’m the anomaly with THE INCREDIBLES because I wouldn’t even put it in the top five Pixar movies, but I understand the appeal and if fans show up, the film should easily beat out the $70 million opening of the original.  But THE INCREDIBLES 2 isn’t alone, also opening up next week is the comedy TAG, which has gotten a pretty hard marketing push.  I think the thing holding it back is going to be the cast, which includes a lot of familiar faces, but no traditional box office draws.  There are also a handful of limited releases coming next week, but it’s going to come down to how much money THE INCREDIBLES 2 will make and what will come in second place.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Ocean’s 8 $42m

2. Solo: A Star Wars Story $14.3m

3. Hereditary $13.7m

4. Deadpool 2 $12.8m

5. Avengers: Infinity War $6.8m

6. Adrift $4.8m

7. Book Club $4.4m

8. Hotel Artemis $3m

9. Upgrade $4.3m

10. Life of the Party $1.75m


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