Weekend box office: Ride Along breaks records and beats Jack Ryan

Weekend box office Ride Along

It was actually very crowded at the weekend box office with four new movies debuting in theaters this week.  But all of the attention is on the surprise and record breaking success of Universal’s RIDE ALONG, which should end up breaking the MLK holiday opening record of $46.1 million that CLOVERFIELD set in 2008.  So expect a sequel to be announced any day now.  The reboot of the Jack Ryan franchise didn’t fare quite as well and the film probably won’t reach $20 million.  So that puts into question Paramount’s plans to expand upon the Jack Ryan universe.  And actually, JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT wasn’t even able to beat out the animated kids movie, THE NUT JOB.  I think most childless adults didn’t even know there was a movie called THE NUT JOB.  Finally, the horror film DEVIL’S DUE looks like it will take in about $10 million.  It’s impossible to quantify, but I wonder how many tickets that devil baby stunt in New York helped DEVIL’S DUE at the weekend box office.  Although creepy, I think the stunt brought a lot of attention to a movie that might have been forgotten otherwise.

Next week sees the release of I, FRANKENSTEIN and as much as I like Aaron Eckhart, that movie looks horrible.  Maybe the trailers just didn’t do it justice, but it looks like it’s going to be rough to get through.  Other than that, nothing else is opening and in fact, we have a few dry weeks coming up until February 7th, when THE LEGO MOVIE and MONUMENTS MEN open up.  So without any new competition, my guess is that RIDE ALONG will easily hold onto the top spot and I, FRANKENSTEIN will be lucky to crack the top five.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.  Also, these numbers are for the four day holiday weekend.

1. Ride Along $47.7m (early estimates are predicting this could hit $50 million)

2. Lone Survivor $26.6m

3. The Nut Job $25.2m

4. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit $18.6m

5. Frozen $18.1m

6. American Hustle $11.9m

7. Devil’s Due $10.4m

8. August Osage County $8.8m

9. The Wolf of Wall Street $8.2m

10. Her $5m


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