Weekend box office: Rio 2 and Captain America battle for the top spot

Weekend box office Rio 2

It’s practically a rule that whenever an animated film does moderately well at the weekend box office, it has to have a sequel.  But typically, the performance of the sequel will tell you whether or not the first film made money because kids needed something to do or because they actually liked it.  In the case of RIO 2, it’s a little unclear because it looks like it will finish right around where the original finished, with about $39 million.  So although it wasn’t the most beloved animated film or even liked by critics, that’s probably good enough to see a RIO 3 sometime soon.  The other new movies of the weekend also did pretty well.  The Katee Sackhoff starring horror film, OCULUS pulled in over $12 million, proving that audiences love a good scare all year long.  And the Kevin Costner starring, NFL approved DRAFT DAY did okay with about $10 million.  It’s probably less than they hoped, but it’s still not bad.  Maybe fans will stop complaining about the actual draft being pushed out almost a month.

Next week sees the release of Johnny Depp’s TRANSCENDENCE.  I always find it funny that Johnny Depp is box office gold as long as he’s in costume, but can’t find a hit when he looks like himself.  I think TRANSCENDENCE will be well received by critics, but I don’t see it beating out RIO 2 or even CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER at the weekend box office.  But we shouldn’t discount the religious-themed HEAVEN IS FOR REAL.  Religious movies have had a lot of success at the box office lately, so I expect that to surprise.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.4m

2. Rio 2 $39m

3. Oculus $12.4m

4. Draft Day $9.8m

5. Divergent $7.5m

6. Noah $7.4m

7. God’s Not Dead $4.5m

8. The Grand Budapest Hotel $4m

9. The Muppets Most Wanted $2m

10. Mr. Peabody and Sherman $1.8m


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