Weekend box office: Sausage Party can’t beat Suicide Squad

I wasn’t sure audiences were going to turn out for an R-rated animated film about food, but clearly Seth Rogen knows what the public wants more than I do.  SAUSAGE PARTY wasn’t able to dethrone SUICIDE SQUAD at the weekend box office, but it did manage a $30+ million opening, which is good for any animated film let alone an R-rated one.  As for SUICIDE SQUAD, it did take the top spot despite losing nearly 70% of its audience from last weekend.  The other wide release this week was PETE’S DRAGON, which did a modest but respectable $21 million.  It was never expected to do great, so Disney should be happy with third place.

Next week features a trio of odd films that the studios don’t seem to know what to do with.  First up is the completely unnecessary and terrible looking BEN-HUR.  I’ve been saying for a while that Jack Huston just needs one great role to show the world how great he is, but I don’t think BEN-HUR was that role.  Next we have the comedy-action film WAR DOGS starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller.  It looks funny, but I’m guessing director Todd Phillips is going to try too hard to tell a story and not give his leads enough time to be funny.  Finally, there’s KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS, which has had a lot of marketing around it, but I’m not sure it has the mass appeal to find box office success.  I wouldn’t be surprised if SAUSAGE PARTY leaps over SUICIDE SQUAD and takes the top spot next weekend, based on good word of mouth alone.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Suicide Squad $41.9m

2. Sausage Party $32.3m

3. Pete’s Dragon $21m

4. Jason Bourne $14.3m

5. Bad Moms $11.2m

6. The Secret Life of Pets $9.4m

7. Star Trek Beyond $7.2m

8. Florence Foster Jenkins $6.1m

9. Nine Lives $4.3m

10. Lights Out $2.9m


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