Weekend box office: Snitch and Identity Thief battle for the top spot

Weekend box office Snitch

Oscar weekend is the time when people want to sit around and talk about movies, but no one actually wants to watch movies.  So it’s a perfect time to release a Dwayne Johnson led action movie that’s not a sequel to an already established franchise.  Unfortunately for The Rock, his latest film, SNITCH, didn’t fare so well at the weekend box office, barely managing to crack $10 million.  I find The Rock to be such an enigma at the box office.  It’s weird that an actor is known for reviving franchises but can’t carry a movie on his own.  The other new movie of the weekend was the horror film DARK SKIES, which barely made an impression and couldn’t crack the $10 million mark.  But the biggest thing to note this weekend was the epic fall of A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD.  The film dropped like a rock and I’m curious if Fox is getting cold feet with the planned sixth Die Hard film.  Maybe this will inspire them to bring John McClane back down to earth and actually tie the movie back to the first one.  Nah, probably not; it’s easier to just have him blow stuff up.

Next week sees the release of the delayed JACK THE GIANT SLAYER and another movie about young adults partying too hard, 21 AND OVER.  I can’t say I’m too excited about Jack since director Bryan Singer doesn’t even seem to care.  He’s spent a lot of time lately tweeting pics and news bits from his X-Men sequel and practically ignoring Jack.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see IDENTITY THIEF steal the top spot again next week.  Note: he numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1. Identity Thief $14m

2. Snitch $13m

3. Escape From Planet Earth $11m

4. Safe Haven $10.6m

5. A Good Day To Die Hard $10m

6. Dark Skies $8.8m

7. Silver Linings Playbook $6m

8. Warm Bodies $4.7m

9. Side Effects $3.5m

10. Beautiful Creatures $3.4m


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