Weekend box office: Star Trek Into Darkness beats out Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby

Weekend box office, Chris Pine in Star Trek Into Darkness

It wasn’t quite the behemoth that Paramount was hoping for, but there’s no denying that STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (click the link to read our review) was a success at the weekend box office.  It was projected to hit the coveted $100 million mark, but now it looks like it will come closer to around $70 million.  That’s about $9 million off of 2009’s STAR TREK, which is a little disappointing for the franchise.  Given how well received the original film was, I really expected the sequel to do better.  One of the things that had to have hurt STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS was the constant movement of the release date.  Remember the good old days when movies opened on Fridays?  I also don’t think audiences were done with IRON MAN 3 quite yet and they appeal generally to the same demographic.  But again, let’s not argue over $20 million; the film is a success and has easily done well enough to spark interest for a third film in the revamped series.

Next week is one of the most exciting weekends of the year, at least in terms of weekend box office competition.  We have the return of two franchises that frankly, I’m surprised ever made it this far.  But Vin Diesel and The Rock put FAST AND FURIOUS 6 up against Bradley Cooper and the Wolfpack in THE HANGOVER PART III.  I think the general feeling going into the weekend about both films was very “blah”, so I’m not sure audiences are going to make either film a staggering success.  However, I do think both films will be moderately successful and I’d give the edge to FAST AND FURIOUS 6.  Note: the numbers will be updated as they become final.

1. Star Trek Into Darkness $70.4m (around $83.9m since release)

2. Iron Man 3 $35.5m

3. The Great Gatsby $23.6m

4. Pain & Gain $3.1m

5. 42 $2.8m

6. The Croods $2.8m

7. Oblivion $2.3m

8. Mud $2.2m

9. Peeples $2.2m

10. The Big Wedding $2.1m


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