Weekend box office: Taken 2 shines while Frankenweenie struggles

Weekend box office: Liam Neeson in Taken 2

There’s just something about Liam Neeson when he’s angry that makes people excited.  We got our first taste of that in TAKEN back in 2008 and so making a sequel was a no-brainer for the sequel.  There wasn’t much doubt the film would do well at the weekend box office, but flirting with $50 million is quite an achievement for such a basic action film.  I’m surprised Liam Neeson hasn’t done a dozen action movies like this since then because the formula is quite simple; get Liam Neeson angry, have him talk tough in a low voice and then let him kill people.  Judging by the performance of TAKEN 2, I’d say America wants more of it.  The other new movie of the weekend didn’t fare as well.  FRANKENWEENIE looks like it will barely crack the top 5, which is disappointing considering how charming the film is.  But like I alluded to last week, it competes with the exact same audience as HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA and since Hotel came out first, FRANKENWEENIE didn’t have much of a chance.

Next week sees the release of Ben Affleck’s ARGO, which looks like an early contender for some Academy Awards.  I’ve heard from early screenings that Affleck does another fantastic job, both as director and actor.  We also get Kevin James’ latest, HERE COMES THE BOOM, which looks like it could be an early contender for some Razzies.  Kevin James can be mildly entertaining at times, but his movies are almost unwatchable.  My money is on TAKEN 2 to repeat as box office champion.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final.

1.Taken 2 $50m

2. Hotel Transylvania $26.6m

3. Pitch Perfect $14.5m

4. Frankenweenie $12m

5. Looper $12m

6. Trouble With The Curve $3.9m

7. End of Watch $3.8m

8. House at the end of the Street $3.6m

9. The Master $1.6m

10. Finding Nemo 3D $1.6m


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