Weekend box office: Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL struggle

I’m pretty sure the only people that thought TERMINATOR: GENISYS would do well are the executives at Paramount.  It seems just about everyone knew that the series was dead and there was very little interest in continuing the saga.  But the studio seemed to believe there was life in the thirty year-old franchise and so with lofty plans, an aging Auhnold and a huge budget, they gave us TERMINATOR: GENISYS (click the link to read our review).  The result?  About as expected as the film couldn’t crack $30 million at the weekend box office, which is about $10 million shy of TERMINATOR: SALVATION.  So it should be interesting to see if this performance is the franchise killer most of us feel it should be.  Speaking of franchise killers, it looks like Channing Tatum and the boys aren’t quite as desirable as they were in 2012 as the sequel MAGIC MIKE XXL only managed a $15 million opening, compared to the $40 million the original brought in.  Granted, the $15 million number is a little skewed because it opened in the middle of the week, but it should have done better on a holiday weekend.

Next week sees the release of MINIONS, which has been slammed by critics, but I suspect it will do very, very well.  People love the Minions and even though INSIDE OUT is raking in the dough, kids movies always do well and I doubt Pixar’s latest can compete against MINIONS in its fourth week.  And although it’s a much smaller film, I wouldn’t write off THE GALLOWS either.  It’s a horror film on a weekend where there are no other horror films doing any business anymore.  THE GALLOWS won’t be #1, but I’m guessing it will do better than expected.  Note: the numbers below will be updated as they become final and are for the 3 day weekend.

1. Jurassic World $30.9m

2. Inside Out $30.1m

3. Terminator: Genisys $28.7m

4. Magic Mike XXL $11.6m

5. Ted 2 $11m

6. Max $6.6m

7. Spy $5.5m

8. San Andreas $3m

9. Me, Earl and the Dying Girl $1.3m

10. Dope $1m


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